You want your horses to have the best. You want them to have fresh, nutritious feed. We provide the level of quality and nutrition you want -- fresh from our mill to your stable. Whether you have one horse to feed or over a thousand, we have the Celebration Horse Feed you want, in the quantity you need.

Bigger mills prepare mixtures for sheep and cows that include medicines that can harm your horse. To keep our Celebration Feeds pure and wholesome for your horses, our Celebration Feeds Mill is a medication-free mill.

Locally milled in Rockvale, TN, our feeds don't sit in far-flung warehouses across the country awaiting transportation to other states... where they sit in other warehouses... and grow stale before sale. Celebration Feeds mills your horse feed here, we package it here, and we get it to you (and your horse) while it's still fresh.


Horse Feeds

Our Equest line of horse feed blends science and practicality to produce high-value nutritional products for horses and an affordable price for horse owners.

Horse Feeds

Celebrate Horse Feeds

Celebrate feeds lend themselves well to most disciplines. These horse feeds are fully fortified, eliminating the need or additional vitamins, minerals or proteins.

Equine Performance Nutrition
Horse Feeds

Equine Performance Nutrition Horse Feeds

The Carter Mix family of Equine Performance Nutrition are the most diversified line-up of horse feeds we offer. These fully-fortified rations are perfect for working and performance horses.

From nursing mares to active seniors, from trail horses to three-day event athletes, these products have what your horse needs for top performance.